About Roundtables

Roundtables meet annually at the International Cancer Education Conference (ICEC) and work throughout the year to advance their respective disciplines within cancer education. If you are interested in joining a Roundtable, please send a message to the Chair(s) if an email address is provided below; otherwise, send a message to contactaace@aaceonline.com in order to join a Roundtable.



Cancer Prevention Education

Carolyn Messner

Health Literacy

Tina Papadakos
Melany Cueva

Health-Related Quality of Life and Survivorship

Gilad Amiel
Nancy Clifton-Hawkins

International Cancer Education

Amr Soliman
Maria Bishop

New Patient Information and Orientation - Chemotherapy

Jackie Foster

Professional Cancer Education, Training, and Certification

Kathleen Heneghan
Charles Moore

Social Media and Education

Garrett Harding
Jeff Yancey