AACE Committees

AACE maintains several Committees to manage its core and support activities. Standing Committees are specified in the AACE Bylaws, while Special Committees have been charged by the Executive Council with fulfilling a specific role in the Association. AACE Members of all types may volunteer to participate in an AACE Committee. Send your name and contact information to contactaace@aaceonline.com.

Standing Committees:

Advisory Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

Comprised of the 5 most recent Past Presidents of AACE. Responsible for serving as the nominating committee, presenting a slate of candidates for Officers to the Executive Council for approval, as well as selecting the recipient(s) of the Margaret Hay Edwards Award.

Bylaws Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

Comprised of a Chair who is not an Officer of AACE as well as two additional members. Conducts a review of the AACE Bylaws at least every three years and provides recommendations on revisions and amendments to the Executive Council.

Editorial Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

Chaired by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cancer Education. Assists with the review process and production decisions for the JCE.

Membership Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

Identify and complete outreach to prospective members (international and national), welcome new members, and seek new opportunities to serve existing members and promote the organization to prospective members.

Annual Meeting Planning Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

Chaired by the current President-Elect with Vice Chair being the current Vice President. Responsible for planning and implementing the continuing educational offerings of the AACE, primarily through the ICEC annual meeting (which is planned in conjunction with planners from CPEN and EACE). This includes poster/abstracts, panel sessions, skill courses, symposia and focus groups (roundtables).

Special Committees:

Academy of Fellows (Roster - for AACE Members only)

The goals of the Academy include working with the executive board to identify trends in cancer education and training; steer advances in the field; foster innovation and collaboration; support and mentor peers and those in training and enhance the critical importance of cancer education and training in the rapidly changing cancer care environment. Fellows/Academy members will be selected through a rigorous peer-review process and induction into the Academy will be a very high honor. Fellows/Members of the Academy will be expected to engage actively to address the goals.

Awards and Scholarships Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

This Committee will recognize outstanding members dedicated to cancer education and through established scholarships, promote new member participation with emphasis on students and members in need. The Awards Committee has the general responsibility of identifying and establishing appropriate awards to be made annually by AACE, of developing criteria for those awards, and of recommending candidates for the awards.

Education Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

The purpose of this Committee is to share information with the AACE membership on how to use new education technology to enhance cancer education delivery, outreach and evaluation. The goal is to support AACE membership with up to date computer hardware, software and on-line services that can make academic life more productive; to develop an Information Technology Committee Bulletin Board to help distribute new information; to assist members in using and/or developing electronic teaching aids; to be a resource that can assist the membership in keeping up with new technology; and to offer workshops that provide hands-on training at the annual meeting.

Global Cancer Education Committee (Roster - for AACE Members only)

The goals of this Committee are: (1) to expand global reach and relevance to unite cancer educators around the world; and (2) to create and maintain partnerships with relevant and related cancer organizations.