AACE Standing Committees

AACE maintains 8 Standing Committees to manage its core and support activities. Volunteer to participate in an AACE Committee. Send your name and contact information to contactaace@aaceonline.com.


Includes the last five past Presidents. Advises the Executive Council, functions as the Nominating Committee, and nominates the Margaret Hay Edwards Award recipient.

Annual Meeting

Maintains oversight for all activities related to the Annual Meeting including the local arrangements, in collaboration with any organization partnered with the Association to host the meeting.


Engages others to support the mission of the AACE through fundraising activities including innovative ways to attract sponsors and exhibitors, and promotes giving by members.

Global Cancer Education

Promotes knowledge of different cancer education practices in countries around the world. Facilitates collaboration between institutions in different countries. Liaises with cancer education-relevant organizations throughout the world.

Information Technology & Cancer Education Resources

Shares information about technology that supports quality delivery and evaluation of cancer education materials in academia, clinical and patient care settings. Oversees the Association’s website and any other electronic information services. Promotes the best in research activities of AACE members by encouraging, coordinating, and stimulating all aspects of educational research by improving communication, coordinating grant review and funding and sponsoring educational activities. Communication includes informing the membership of educational and granting opportunities as well as mentoring opportunities. Educational activities include sponsoring workshops and related activities for the promotion of educational research skills of AACE members. Other activities include the integration and promotion of educational research within the AACE.

Journal of Cancer Education Editorial Board

Oversees all official publications of the Association, including the Journal of Cancer Education.

Membership and Bylaws

Recruits new members, and considers all completed applications for membership. Oversees the roundtable discussions, which are intended to engage members around a special topic area and present a module or e-learning course annually on that topic. Topics include: cancer genetics, complimentary and integrative therapy, behavioral science and cancer training, epidemiology and cancer training, cancer education and medical training, surgical oncology, clinical trials, etc. Initiates and receives proposed changes in the Bylaws from members; interprets the existing Bylaws.

Professional Development, Assessment & Evaluation

Focuses on the education and training offered in the field of cancer education, including curriculum development and on-going education offerings through AACE. Explores innovations in curriculum development and the educational needs of students and staff encountering cancer training as course requisites as well as those pursuing cancer education as a career choice. Promotes research on assessment and evaluation methods. Responsible for ongoing education around assessment principles and practices for establishing best practices/quality in teaching others in their home institutions about cancer.