The American Association for Cancer Education (AACE) was founded in 1947 as the Cancer Coordinators, an association of cancer educators from US medical and dental schools that met annually to discuss problems and methods of mutual interest.


Champion the highest standards for cancer education through evidence-based practices to achieve quality outcomes.


Achieving excellence in education to reduce the burden of cancer worldwide.

AACE Leadership

AACE leadership includes:

  1. Executive Council
  2. Program Director
  3. Standing Committees:
    1. Advisory (the last 5 Past Presidents)
    2. Annual Meeting
    3. Development
    4. Global Cancer Eduction
    5. Information Technology & Cancer Education Resources
    6. Journal of Cancer Education Editorial Board
    7. Membership and Bylaws
    8. Professional Development, Assessment & Evaluation
  4. Liaison Representatives

Historical leadership can be found in the Archives in the Members Only area.