Membership & Dues

Are you passionate about improving cancer education to eliminate the burden of this terrible disease? We need members like you to join our fight against cancer through high quality cancer education.

Benefits of Membership

  • Subscription to the Journal of Cancer Education (available online for all members, in print for Active members or other members purchasing a print subscription)
  • Discounted registration rates for our annual scientific meeting, the International Cancer Education Conference
  • Opportunities¬†to present and discuss your work at the International Cancer Education Conference
  • Access to webinar recordings on cancer education topics
  • Networking with a multidisciplinary membership
  • Access to mentorship for those developing research projects, abstracts, manuscripts, oral presentations and posters
  • Collaboration with multinational leaders in all areas of cancer education

Membership in AACE is open to all individuals and institutions engaged in any aspect of cancer education and training. Applications for membership may be submitted to our Headquarters office at any time. Membership in the organization is based on the calendar year (January to December).


The online membership application is currently unavailable as we upgrade our website. You can join AACE as part of your International Cancer Education Conference registration, or you may use the fillable PDF form below.

To apply for Active, Senior, Student Associate or Institutional Membership, please download a membership application: Adobe PDF (.pdf)

  • Members receive significantly discounted rates on registration for the International Cancer Education Conference.
  • Annual membership fees are due January 1 each year. Renewal notices will be sent to all active members in November.
  • Membership is delinquent if fees are not paid by April 15; membership will be terminated if member notified 3 months in advance (by January 15th) of such termination.
  • Even members who do not owe a renewal fee (such as Senior Members) must indicate during the renewal window that they wish to continue their membership each year.
  • Membership will be terminated by Executive Council for failure to pay dues, or if member has not acted in accordance with the accepted ethics of the respective profession.

Questions? Contact Headquarters at any time at

Membership Dues and Benefits

Category Who is Eligible Annual
Attend Annual Meeting at
active member registration rate
Vote Hold Office JCE Included
Active Anyone actively engaged in cancer education and training $195 check check check check
Senior Previously Active Members, now age ‚Č• 65 yr who apply for transfer to Senior membership No membership fee, $65 for JCE check check x + $65 for JCE
Student Associate Students actively enrolled in accredited training programs that prepare individuals for cancer-related careers $20 Reduced rate x x + $65 for JCE
Institutional Organizations actively engaged in cancer education and training (includes 3 individual representatives) $695 check
for 3 representatives
x x check
for 3 reps
Honorary Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the study or teaching of cancer Free check x x + $65 for JCE
Fellow Past Presidents of AACE and past Chairs of group of Cancer Coordinators Same privileges and responsibilities as other members of their class of membership
Charter Active, Honorary or Senior members who were active members of the Cancer Coordinators and those who became active members at the time AACE was founded in 1967 Same privileges and responsibilities as other members of their class of membership


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