2010 International Cancer Education Conference, Monday – Wednesday, October 25-27

Theme: The Impact of Cancer Education on Patients, Practitioners and the Public.

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The 2010 Annual Meeting will take place at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa in San Diego, California.

Reserve your room at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa
before September 23rd, 2010 to get the AACE Preferential Rates.

Visit www.aaceonline.com after February 15, 2010 to submit an abstract, register, and reserve a hotel room.

Planning Committee

Chairs Julia White, MD Karen Stepan, MPH, RN, CHES Jakob de Vries, MD, PhD
Co-Chairs Karen Patricia Williams, PhD Tara Rice, MPH Darren Starmer, BN, MEdStds (Hons)
Chair, Local Arrangements Ana Navarro, PhD    

See you in San Diego!

The best seafood you can find…hands down! –2006 Annual Mtg Attendee

Ranked 4th as the most popular city in the US! –Popular Destinations 2008

Arrive a few days early to play at Legoland! Or Sea World…they're too close to miss! –2006 Attendee

The Birch Aquarium tour was great! Took my kids back the next day to play! –2006 Attendee

Being able to attend the meeting and make a family vacation out of it was great! –2006 Attendee


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